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We carry a lot of the top brands, including HOSS, CHEECH, Redeye, Redeye Tek, GEAR, NG, OG, and a large selection of SoftGlass waterpipes. With new additions always coming in to the store, you’re bound to find something that fits your liking, and price range.


As the industry grows, so does our metal pipe selection. New and interesting metal pipes are arriving every month, and there’s sure to be something that suits your needs.


When glass and metal just won’t  do, a plastic waterpipe can be perfect. For the person on the go, or someone quite accident prone, there’s no way you can go wrong with a plastic waterpipe. We have a large selection of LIT plastic, from 10” to 18” available.


Somewhat new on the scene are the Silicone waterpipes. Completely bendable, unbreakable, and easily cleanable with just warm water and dish soap. A silicone piece could just be the last piece you ever need to buy. No need to worry about the silicone adding any bad taste, as all the silicone is high quality and medical grade.


There are few things worse than getting ready for a smoke session, and not having a proper grinder to bust up your herbs to the perfect consitency. Wether it be a fine grind for a vaporizer, or a fluffed consitency for rolling with, we carry loads of grinders to fit your needs. Brands like Sharpstone, CHEECH, Santa Cruz Shredders, Phoenician, and Hammercraft; we make sure to carry a variety of grinders in every price range.


Making sure your pieces are clean is a necessity in the world of smoking/vaping. Shaking solutions, soaking solutions, and powdered cleaners are a great way to enhance your experience. The cleaner your glass, the better the flavour of your favourite smoking herbs. Orange chronic, Purple power, 454, and Grunge-Off are just some of the awesome cleaners that we offer here at Rainbow On Bay.


In the ever growing market of electronic cigarettes, it’s hard to find a reliable and affordable variety of Ecig products. That’s where we come in; with a great selection of brands like Kangertech, Aspire, Joytech and Eleaf, you can’t go wrong shopping at Rainbow On Bay. Our staff is well trained and knowledgable in the world of Vapes, and are highly qualified to help find the right vaporizer for you.

E juice

There are a lot of factors that come in to play when choosing a bottle of E Juice; Starting with flavor, then quality, and finally price. We are happy to offer over 50 flavors of E Juice, all very high quality, and at the lowest prices in town. Our selection includes brands like Decoded, World’s Best Custards, That 80’s Juice, Dr. Fog, Pi, and Starboy.


Vaporizing is getting more and more popular, and with new vaporizers coming out all the time, we make sure to always carry the new and hot products. From brands like DaVinci, Pax, Arizer, Vapor Daddy, Storz/Bickel, and Atmos; shopping for a vaporizer has never been easier. There are lots of choices in all price ranges, and a great selection of either Herbal or Concentrate vaporizers. Our staff is always prepared and ready to give you all the information you could need to make your vaporizer purchase.